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Addressing the Missing Link

The Equine Enthusiast's Mental Approach

A variety of topics are covered prioritizing raising one's awareness to address and improve subtle communication with the horse. These learning opportunities help clarify the human intention and improve the equine enthusiast's quality of communication when working with the horse both from the ground and in the saddle.

Video Vault short and long-term Horse Coaching

With over 70+ videos in the Fifteen For Friday Vault, equestrians will be taught proactive approaches addressing a variety of everyday challenges riders face in groundwork and riding scenarios. Subscriptions range from daily, to one week, to annual memberships.

The equine behavior courses share detailed, specific insight to help horse owners recognize, believe, and address equine communication. Learning to do so diminishes potential unwanted scenarios and increase the horse's trust, try, and willingness to participate in a reasonable manner.

On-Going Support

Enroll in any Remote Horse Coach courses or classes and gain free access to a private coaching group offering weekly tips, posts, and videos.

The Remote Horse Coach

Join Samantha Harvey as she shares her knowledge and unique approach from over three decades of helping a variety of riders. Her goal is to assist equine enthusiasts to understand their horse, improve their equine partnerships, and build a relationship based on mutual trust, clear communication, and respect.

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The Instructor

International Horse Trainer, Equestrienne, Equine Columnist, Author, Horsemanship Instructor, Symposium Lecturer



Saw the vet and we did bloodwork. They were both obedient but clearly a little nervous about the needles. As I was standing talking to the vet I was able to rock them a little back and forth and side to side. They both let down with the vet right there. She has good energy and has built trust with them, but still. It was cool to see them be able to process with her right there with us! Patti March 2022

Learn Skills, Awareness and Intention

Gain access to clear, specific coaching that will finesse your approach by expanding your ability to recognize, understand, and believe the horse.

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